M U L T I P A C K   2 0 0


Horizontal wrapping machine

MULTIPACK 200 is a horizontal, flow-pack type, stainless steel covered packaging machine for producing packs sealed on three sides from a roll of heat-sealable packaging film. It can be used for packaging regularly shaped, adequately solid materials. Goods that are not adequately solid or small can be packaged with the help of a blister. Highlighting a few possibilities of the many of the application of the machine: bakery and confectionery products (chocolate bar, wafer biscuit, wafer-sheet, different kinds of bread, various bakery products, etc.), dairy products (curd-cheese roll, slices of cheese), products of the textile industry (shirts, gloves, tea-towels/dishcloth), others (sponge, Al foil, insulation tape, soap, pizza).

Technical Characteristics

Packing speed

20-150 packs / min 

Product size

Length      60-300 mm

Width       20-140 mm

Height           5-50 mm

( In case of more marginal sizes unique packaging should be agreed. )

Wrapping material width max. 450 mm
Bobbin diameter d 76 x d 350 mm
Wrapping material Films with or without regi-mark in 20-50 micron thickness - BOPP (polypropylene), aluminum foils and heat sealable packing material
Sealing method heat and power
End sealer type rotating
Weight 450 kg
Electrical power supply 4kW 3x400/230V16A
Drive motors AC geared motors
Controlling method PLC, touch screen control



Computerized control makes possible :

  • inspection of machine regi-mark control system, adjustment of temperature, watching and prevention of failures

  • fast changeovers displaying, storing and automatic setting of parameter (speed, cut-off length, temperature, etc.) for numerous products

  • storing production data production time, quantity, parameters of producing

  • easy operating no need of skilled technicians to operate, adjustment without tools

Additional Options

  • The pigment foil marking unit (hot foil printer / thermal transfer overprinter / inkjet printer ) provides the wrapped product with a mark (e.g.: date)

  • Can be used for inert-gas packaging and for alcohol sprayer

  • In order to increase productivity : the manual handling of products can be exchanged to a semi-automatic feeder ; can be used as part of a technological line ; pack counter


Highlighting a few possibilities of the many of the application

Confectionery products

Bakery products