PD-10 Hot Foil Printer

Marking System

The apparatus provides the continuously/discontinuously moving but periodically stopped wrapping material with a mark from a hot foil at the previously appointed place.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions 130 x 112 x 100 mm
Character size 4 mm
Printing 10 character ( 8+2 half character )
Heating 15 W / 24 VAC
Temperature (controlled) 115 - 150 C
Warming-up time ~ 3 - 5 min
Maximal speed 200 / min
Pigment foil (UFS-90) d.25 x d.65 x 25-30


For the operation of the machine a starting signal/switch is necessary,  (micro switch, proximity-switch, etc.).

Operation : pneumatic actuation with a pneumatic cylinder.

Attachment : with a frame specially designed for each machine